Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Girl Twisted Faux (Mo) Hawk.... Protective Style

So if you haven't heard Kandyland Kurls is having a 3 month Protective Style Challenge, and i thought i join in with some of my little Kiddies, But only Tye and I or Officially in it.

 So this style is a Braid and Twisty Faux Hawk Combo, that i did on my Shadow, its perfect for little girls big girls and if you have a infant baby girl with enough hair this would work for them too

I started off with talking out her old  ponytail style you can see it here

after taking her hair done I parted it into 5 sections and braided each of the 4 sections towards the middle part and twisted the ends

for the top sections I teased her Hair to give it some Umph and added a rubber band, its also called a pompadour But be careful if you decided to do it, because it can cause major tangles, if done too much or not properly.

and twisted the hair  where the rubberband started

a close up of the front

the way i parted,

I love the shrinkage of the hair

I tried getting a picture of her hair and all the kiddies and to join in :o)

and Tye is infamous for jumping in pictures....

How this post helps, stay tuned for the boy version of it, coming up next

I hope this style last at least a week and a half, the ponytails lasted 2 weeks so we'll see

and as always if you're not doing the challenge it is easy to customize the hair style with beads barrettes bows and any other hair accessories

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Worldless Wednesday..... ya'll just have to see

Braids Curls, newsboys hat and this

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ponytails (pigtails) and beads hair styles for Boys and Little Girls

So lately Tye has been wearing a quick and easy Faux Hawk and Faux Hawks with Braids with the braids.. and i must say i love this style...

But for this week we went a little different and did ponytails. I was going to braid it because he asked to wear some beads but i didn't have the energy so this is what we came up with. It's kinda like a large box braid but only a ponytail

In this style i was able to see just how much his hair has grown in the past year since he cut it, and it lasted all week.

If you are wondering what type of beads he has they are basket balls, awesome right...Remember the post i did on my little sister, you can check out her basketball beads style here. WHO says little girls get to have all the fun with the hair accessories... we're pushing the mold. and these beads are awesome for little boys, we have several different sports

Even with the Ponytails and Beads he still looks like a little boy, at least to me.

And as you all know i love doing styles that can work for boys and girls infants etc, so here's the girl version

 for my shadow's hair I used Colored Rubber Bands, and tied the ends off with rubber bands. Which makes the style so versatile. I can put barrettes, ballies and bows and change it up every couple of day.

But i would advise to watch young children as they can choke on the small parts
Got to love the shrinkage right

looking for more beaded styles you can check Here
to See more Girl and infant styles on my Shadow you ca go here

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Inspired 3rd Birthday Party

Between my friends and I there are 10 kids, i think maybe a little more, so you can image how many parties we go to in a year. It seems like we go to at least 1 party a month not including families...

AS we walked up we were greeted by this personalized Yo Gabba Gabba sign complete with a picture of the birthday girl. What i can't get over is besides the party starting on time, everything was set up and ready to go hours before the party started, one day I want to be just like "Mrs. B"
another sign

another favorite detail, Colorful Letter on Wooden dowels

Life size cutout of the Birthday Girl

More of the awesome pinatas that only our state coud offer :o) for under 20 dollars each

ready for some more personalized goodies?

Yo Gabba Gabba Chuck Taylors

the Birthday Girls Shirt

Daddy's Shirt

 Yo Gabba Gabba party Favors

Party Favors
Activities Included

A special Visit from a Flowery Friend

Look at the shirt awesome right?

Pony Rides, does that little boy look Familiar?

Yes he had that much hair at 2...!

Arts and Crafts


coloring sheets and Door hangers

kid sized aprons, need some for a party you can inquire on our facebook page and coloring pages

Quick and Easy Centerpieces stay tuned for a quick tutorial

The Cake


and of Course the Presents

she was only 3 and already getting gifts from Tiffany's

you can find those pink ballies here

and of course no Birthday for a little Girl is complete without a gift from Once Upon a Curl

 Custom Tutu and ponytail holder and rocking two strand twist

*Side Note*
Most of the custom party items where purchased from Celebrate Express
except from the stuff we got in state