Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Product review and Giveaway... Little Green Pouch

I must say pinterest is one of my favorite all time sites on the Internet... You can find some many wonderful ideas and products that you've never thought of, and it was on one random occasion when i came upon the Little Green Pouch, and i immediately set off to order a pack. I a glad i did!!!

 I used to buy the pouches that you find at the grocery store or gogurts, applesauce and puddings and they were 1, over priced ( up to $2  for one pouch) and 2 they take up space.
and the washing of dishes when you try to have less waste and do it yourself

you can see our FunBites in the background

But after a day of Exploring

Its great to just be able to enjoy a healthy and portable snack

So much better for the environment since they are reusable :o)

Okay and how cute is this curly cutie, photo by Drew Kelly

Ready to get a pack of your own? Well you're in luck

You can purchase them from their website  right here  
Or in our Giveaway

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