Sunday, December 15, 2013

Prodcut Review..... The Bead Barrette

Oh My I can not believe its been so long since my last post, I will truly try to do better. But My first post back will be a product review
The Bead Barrette. I've been seeing and reading the buzz about it, and was more than a Little Excited because they weren't yet sold in my area, But you can now find them at Walmart and my favorite go to Snapaholics  when I don't carry a certain item, i'm sure they do.

The Bead Barrette came to life, when owner and designer Jennifer Zachery, needed a solution to the common problem of Toddlers and Beads, when her daughter Kyndal's daycare banned beads ( in their center and thank heavens they did or we wouldn't have this awesome product) in their center.
I will first say that I had dropped them and for a second my Heart Dropped. but i realized that i didnt have thousands of loose beads,all over my floor. SO then and there it was love....

these bead barrattes were so easy to apply. I was a little hesitant to try them on Tye because of the word "barrette" but i can say they are truly unisex if you get the right colors

Which was easy enough, and we added some basketball beads because Tye asked, and i did not have to use rubber bands on his ends, bonus!

I can truly saw I am more than happy with these snap on beads. It was quick easy and saved me lots of frustration, from having to bead and tread beads...  I can just imagine all of the creative uses of  for these, and the versatility of hair types and styles. they can be used on ponytails, braids, twist,  locs and so much more.

Stay Tuned for a giveaway coming up :o)

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Wedding Hair Styles for Children

This past month Tye had the honor or being in a Dear Family Friend's Wedding.

I was unsure or how to do his hair, being it was a really formal event bow ties and tux type of event, and here's what i came up with. styles i considered having his natural hair in a  big afro, a twist out of sorts and french braids. But a a variation of our Infamous finger curls won.

 This time i used smaller portions of hair to achieve this look and can i say i loved it.

 It was curly perfection
 The Wedding Part
 The beautiful Cake
 Some of the decorations from the reception

 Tye was the Life of the party in his tux, lol
  Some of our Church Family, we've all went separate ways, but always find a way back together

Tye and One of the Flower Girls

A photo from earlier in the day, it was really hot and the 5 piece boys Tuxedo was not Helping

This style was created with water, and a little bit of cantu leave in conditioner

Monday, July 29, 2013

Update on Errks Hair

So it has been way to long since i've done a post, and some of my awesome readers who've stumbled upon the blog have took the time to email about current post, so i will take the time to write a post.

one of the emails were inquiring about my little cousin's Errk's hair, you can see previous post here

we were in the process of taking down his mini braids that we've had in since the beginging of June. his braids were in for a total of 8 weeks. If i kept tye's braids barely lasted 4 weeks and was already a tangled mess, gabe's on the other hand, did beautifuly

a comparison shot 

 the take down process, as i took the braids down i twisted each section, so it wouldn't get tangled or in the way, and it made washing his hair so much easier

washing eerk's hair in the twist, no tangles no knots
the fro, the least we can say is, Errked loved how big his hair is

He's able to have a full fledged ponytail, after a little under a year, and its already 5/6 inches

Stay tuned as i try to play catch up on Eerk and his hair journey

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Waterfall braided Mohawk... Kimani Styles

So today i am please, to have my little cousin Kimani Kier, do a post for me, I mean this little girl (teenager) and so much skill its crazy, and im kinda jealous, anywho, enjoy her how to post

We started with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. We used Bee Mine Products, but you can use whatever products that work for you. 

I started off by sectioning her hair into 3 sections. You can choose the side you want, we chose the left side and we went to the middle of her left eye brow and parted the hair straight back then parted down the right side of her head to the back of her ear, then sectioned it off.

Next, with the remainder of the hair I divided it in half starting at the nape and section each side. Thus 3 sections: 

I started in the front. Tjs sides are really thin so the goal was to cover them ( instead of braiding her fragile edges, the braids hanging allowed the edges to stay out and rest, without looking messy and old)

. I sectioned the section off in half. I braided each side to the middle of the part which was parted in half and then I added the beads. (I usually add beads at the end of the style, but for demonstration purposes I added as I went.

Then I started on the back right section. I did the braids towards the middle part. I chose to make my parts diagonal and also do a pattern of a straight corn row then a set criss-cross corn rows, then straight again and continued.

Then, I went on the left side. I did the same on this side, with a little difference. 

Because on this side some of the top side of her head was not braided with the first third, I had to curve the corn rows up. Because her sides are thin I did a looped criss-cross cornrow. 

After that cornrow I continued with my original pattern.  

If you are not aware on how to do a criss-cross, heres an explanation on the best way I know how. First time a section twice the size of the single cornrows youve done. Divide it in half longitudinal. And depending on how many times you want the cornrows to cross over make longitudinal parts. Every other section goes with one cornrow. Part off the other sections and begin the braiding.

Here are finished photos: 

 We hope you enjoyed our post, and if you try any variation of this style we would love for your to share on our fan page Once Upon a Curl