Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New camera

We recently got a new camera and i'm excited... i've been eyeing and price matching lots of different camera's and finally decided on a Canon T4i, and so far sooo good, here's a couple test shots i did this past weekend... Well my first shoots with the camera

I love this picture.. ( I think it would be even better if i didn't take it)

He was was saying "I'm strong"and you see the sling on his arm... he broke it while at school playing on the monkey bars


He was such the perfect little model, although i feel very sorry for him, because i think he will be in front of my lens even more as I practice with my intro DSLR

 I even got my little cousin Gabriel in, in the action.


Wondering where we got the outfits?

On Tye
  • pink and blue shirt from old navy, boys section $5
  • carpenter jeans, children's place $6
  • and neon green chucks, from ross dress for less, $10
On Gabe
  • Perry the Platypus shirt, from Walmart $8
  • Plaid Skinny Jeans by levi, we got these from Burlington Coast factory, last year for about 12 bucks
  • shoes were brought at ross dress for less

Monday, March 4, 2013

Minnie Mouse inspired Birthday Party SNEAK PEEK

This weekend we celebrated  my little cousins joint  Minnie Mouse Pink and Red Birthday Party
Mel Turned 5 and Li turned and it was party any two little girls would love to have, even with a pony

It was soo much fun helping my cousin to plan her daughter birthday party.
if you're looking for more interest, you can check out our pinterest boards here on my pinterest board and here on my cousin's board here's just a sneak peek so stayed tuned for more

Need some goodies for your Minnie Mouse Party, let us know
Glow in the dark Mickey Ears
Tye rocking 2 week old finger curled fro, what was i thinking, lol

Birthday Girls Hair Style quick and easy on natural curly hair

We had a Candy Buffet, and you can see the Adults loved it more than the kids

I think My picture taking Skills are getting a Little Better no?

Like really they could not have used the little candy buffet bags and take out boxes?

Birthday Girl Minnie Mouse Tutu from Once Upon a Curl
Detail on the Shirt

I tried to do a Minnie Mouse, but i failed
But every one loved the birthday Girl Minnie mouse hair style

Large Barrel Beads, looking for some? We have em

My lil Cousin Man 

This pony had some hair on it
Yea Just a Little Bit

I absolutely loved these large Glittered Minnie Mouse Ears? Bows

Please stay Tuned for more photos and detailed info