Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Marshmallow Shooters, Tutorial

I know this has nothing to do with hair, but get used to is, my second hobby parties 

 As a family, we watch NCIS, a lot, and my son just happens to love guns,  he builds them with his Lego's, and keeps a water gun in the back of his pants, so he can pull it out on people and say, " Hands up now! " which i find hilarious, especially since one of his god mothers' is a cop. I know someone out there may say, its bad, and he'll grow up to be a killer, but as long as i do my best to teach him right from wrong my hands or clean
But any who, i brought a marshmallow shooter kit for 7 bucks at a thrift store, which was way to much i think. and i thought it would be a cool idea to have a marshmallow fight with some of the neighborhood children, if i could figure out how to make them for cheap.

above is my first attempt and i think it came out well. so instead of having the marshmallows i fight, i wanted to use these at my son's 4th birthday party which is a safari theme. Who would want to go into a jungle without something to protect? Even if the ammo is sweet and made entirely out of sugar.

 To begin

you will need 1/2 inch PVC pipe, cut into desired lengths

at least one T shaped connector piece

 1 Coupler piece

and some end caps to cap off the handles, so the marshmallows will shoot through.

since it is a party, I decided to package each
 shooter in its own little bag, with  patterned paper topper

for the shooter in the first picture I used
  • 1 coupler for the mouthpiece
  • 2 T joints for connectors
  • 5 pieces of PVC, 3 for the body, and 2 for handles
  • and 2 end caps to keep the marshmallows flowing

Friday, July 29, 2011

To Curl or not to Curl...Is Curly Cuter? going through the archieves

WHile on the world wide, hair blog nation, i was noticed some heated desicusions over at Beads Braids and Beyond, over a Guest Post, and it reminded me of a  couple of post i put on the facebook fan page.

I would first like to post a video from tyra banks show What is good hair? Its a shame i think the way that some of these parents have instilled in their children that certain hair types mean they are lesser than others, and i'm not one to talk about children, but the child with the messed up attitude was the one who's hair could've been managed a little better (imo)

  Next i will talk about the Selena Gomez and her video, Love the song , love the worlds and it sends the right message
 I copied and pasted fromt he fan page

Disney, got 1 right. I think this is the type of message we need 2 instill n our children especial our young girls. n i think some (not all bc U wouldn't be in groups like this if u didn't care) biracial children really have a harder time feeling like they belong to anyone group or identity. How do you go about helping your children excepting who they R n not worry about if they don't look like one thing or another?

so what are you thoughts?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care
It is almost the end of July and we haven’t been in any chlorine.  It is such a shame. But I do have a couple of tips for those that cannot stay away from the pool or the beach.
Growing up I always heard the cliché the best defense is a good offense, Meaning, that if you address the problem before it becomes a problem, then you’re good to go. 
Swim caps are the way to go. You child can have fun in the pool, and you can save yourself a little heartache and pain, by having to wash and detangle hair often.

If your child just has too much hair or you can’t find a swim caps at a reasonable price and it works, below are a couple of tips to help you get through your summer.
Remember the hair challenge from beadsbraids&beyond? Well think of those styles
Loosely braided individual braids will work very well for the pool. They last a while, and it will be easy to cleanse out the chlorine and other yucky like sand.
Before swimming, plait (braid, or ponytail) your child’s hair (If possible use a swim cap as seen above.)
After swimming and before going home make sure to rinse child’s hair completely with water.
When at home use a neutralizing shampoo and conditioner to counteract the chemicals in the pool ( my old hair dresser told me this, and last summer it seemed to work even for my own hair. And work through each section of hair squeezing the product in, and rinsing out.
Don’t forget to towel dry. If you’re careful enough this style can last the whole week, keeping your curly kid in the pool and having fun.
What are some of your favorite tips for summer hair care?

We're back...!!!

We’re back…!!! I know its been a long while. I still not to good at this blog thing, But thanks to Kandyland Kurls we have a new lookand I plan to learn how to work every nook and cranny of it (eventually).
But we have a couple of things going on that I would like to share.
1.       We have a new online store making its debut mid august.
2.       We will be having a dollar sale to  kick off the launch of the new     products
3.       There will be a couple of giveaways and reviews by fellow bloggers so keep your eyes and ears open for your chance to win some goodies.
 So until have a curly ever after.