Monday, November 26, 2012

 Diy carnival signs for my son's Phineas and Ferb Rock Star Carnival

I"m using this the guitars for directional labels for our carnival signs

 I plan on having a photo booth, stay tuned for more post
 A kissing booth i got the idea for the giant kiss from another blog but can't find the post on my pinterest broads
  some of the where covered in this polka dot wrapping paper i got from targets dollar spot and the rest was covered in different tissue papers
 i got these big foam broads at the dollar tree for  a dollar each
 but for the smaller ones i had some USPS shipping boxes that i received from my online orders and just used those
 this is oval sign is part of a Easter directional sign, i got on the less than perfect section of oriental trading,
tye had fun spray painting everything black and did a pretty good job
 This is my weird color combination i choose to work with and i'm glad i was able to make it work

and i used my Cricut to cut most of the letters, and i got the scrapbook paper and card stock from either Micheal or Joann's when they where 6/$1 or 7/$1

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ties and Arm Warmers

 So I have been meaning to get some of these product photos of our affordable accessories for boys and girls so here's a few
a navy tie, we have them in lot's of colors and designs
 And a New Favorite of Tye's Leg Warmers

 and plaids in Blues Reds and Pinks
and more leg warmers on the arms

Stay Tuned for more goodies

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diy waterbottle Lables... Phineas and Ferb Rock Star Carnival

So I had lots of thoughts of paying someone to create some waterbottle labels for me and two things stopped me, the price it would cost to get them done and then the ink it would eat up when i was printing them

So my Diy option was to use striped  scrapbook paper and do it myself.
I free hand everything and it was really simple to do
 take off wrappers
place patterned paper
add tape and you're done
and to have it tie in more with the Carnival part of the Phineas and Ferb Rock Star Carnival
I attached some "admit one" tickets to it using some elmers school glue sticks i got on sale at walmart when they where 10 cents each

 to make the job even easier you can have it set up in an assembly line and put 
your kids or spouse  to work.
it took about 30 minutes with me watching the twilight to finish 35 of them

I hope you enjoy

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phineas and Ferb Rockstar Carnival... DIY Party Favors

The time is drawing near for Tye 5th Birthday party, and since i did not manage my time as well as should have i'm scrambling to get everyting done

 "Party Favors"
 it includes tickets to play the carnival games and some other Rock Star and P&F essentials
like  tattoos, an inflatable guitar and a backstage pass

at first i was going to buy the printables but decided to try my hand
at making them myself because i had such a mix mash of themes

 these ones are for my younger cousins and it will also double as their
CHRIST-mas Gifts
Back Stage passes
Designed by me with trying to use the least amount of ink as possible
And the boxes piled up