Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phineas and Ferb Rockstar Carnival... DIY Party Favors

The time is drawing near for Tye 5th Birthday party, and since i did not manage my time as well as should have i'm scrambling to get everyting done

 "Party Favors"
 it includes tickets to play the carnival games and some other Rock Star and P&F essentials
like  tattoos, an inflatable guitar and a backstage pass

at first i was going to buy the printables but decided to try my hand
at making them myself because i had such a mix mash of themes

 these ones are for my younger cousins and it will also double as their
CHRIST-mas Gifts
Back Stage passes
Designed by me with trying to use the least amount of ink as possible
And the boxes piled up


  1. Those are savvy little things! :) Very great idea for birthday boy party favors. This is also a wonderful idea that you include tickets for carnivals. :) Good job!

    1. thanks kamillia,

      i've seen lots of parties with soo many great ideas, so i just took some that liked liked and thought i could do so i'm pretty pleased witht eh results


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