Monday, May 28, 2012

accessory spotlight...affordable headband and tie

So i have some more goodies to share......
today is a girly version of our ties paired with a bow headband..

wondering how much the combo cost?

$7.50 USD.....
tie, 5 dollars
headband 2.50

ready to other, find us over at once upon a curl for all of your hair care needs :o) enjoy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Affordable Boutique Accessories for Boys

So I have gotten lots of inquireis about Tye's "Head Bands" akhisa

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick and Easy Birthday Style for natural curly hair

Here is a quick and easy style that Ms. K wore for her birthday. Her mommy simply section off a top section, twisted it and pinned it back with a coordinating barrette, and left the rest curly and free.

can you believe these photos were taken hours after the style was done.

wondering what her mommy used?

Water and Conditioner.

I kid you not. have a good day, i hope this quick and easy style has helped someone, i can just picture this with a big fro too. :o)

this style can easily be used with tweens, teens, adults, preschoolers, and infants, with straight, curly, relaxed and natural hair

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

French Braids and Cornrows for Little boys

So Tye and I have decided to join Beads Braids and Beyond's Protective Styling Challenge...Mainly because I didn't feel like doing hair everyday, and this will force myself to be more creative :o)

This was really just a simple quick style for us. I parted his hair into two (2) sections from ear to ear french braided the front and did some large individuals in the back

At first I thought this girl was going to be a little girlie, but it works and he still looks like a little boy.
even when is braids curl up.... For this style i just used my oil and water mix, with a lot of grease

and look at the shrinkage, got to love the curls

and as always this style can be used for just about anyone, add
barrettes or a bow and its for girls and infants.

Add an intricate braid design and it could go well for you boys and girls, tween and teens
the possibilities are endless

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Product Review... nuNaat

Where to begin? I had the opportunity to review nuNaat's Karite Special, hair care collection. and when i say review, I mean Review the whole line and not sample sizes neither. but the same bottle you would buy off a shelf at any beauty supply store. I was able to choose any of the lines available, and choose their Karite Special with Shea Butter as it most fit the needs of my hair and some of my clients. I received the complete collection, the shampoo, conditioner, combing cream, hair mask, and
 features a total of 5 items:
Shampoo (8.4 oz) - Retail Price: $5.49 each
Conditioner (8.6 oz) - Retail Price: $5.49 each
Combing Cream (10.3 oz) - Retail Price: $5.99 each
Hair Mask (17.6 oz) - Retail Price: $6.99 each
AntiFrizz (5.2 oz) - Retail Price: $6.49 each

first i start off with the packaging, a plain box but when i opened it i saw lots of colors. I"m not the most earth friendly or eco cautious person the block but i try to some stuff, like recycling( for the CRV) and using reusable shopping bags and containers for lunch etc... So when i saw the box was stuff with shredded magazine paper, that was a plus in my book.

Tye was also excited, because we had a package, but not so much when he found it was hair care products. he had worn is hair in a fro all week and knew what was going to be coming soon. But i couldn't wait till the weekend, and used the Karité Special Leave-In Detangler (Combing Cream). the directions say only a small amount is needed and they are right. I was able to comb through and band his hair with only a small amount, and the smell was heavenly.  it is like a soft powdery type of smell, that wasn't too much and wasn't too little.

So I decided to use this on myself.  was planning on getting my hair done and thought it would be a perfect time to try out the nuNaat collection on myself. I got my hair washed conditioned, deep conditioned and also used the thermal sealant when got my hair blow dry.
 My stylist and I decided to
while getting my hair washed and conditioned etc, I asked the stylist what she thought about the products... She loved the feel, the smell, and the lather it produced... On a side note, she noticed that  each of the products had the same texture and consistency's.

Also one last thing, she mentioned was if this product weighed hair down. And all i can  say on the walk home, my hair bounced all

Interested in getting a bottle of your own? you can purchase them online at
sallybeauty walgreens and on their website, you can suggest places you would like to see their products  they even have a nifty gadget or app on their hface book page that can locate a store close to you.

Don't forget to stay for tuned part 2 and our giveaway coming soon

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A rock a boy and a bunny and french braids and cornrows..... Wordless wednesday