Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick and Easy Birthday Style for natural curly hair

Here is a quick and easy style that Ms. K wore for her birthday. Her mommy simply section off a top section, twisted it and pinned it back with a coordinating barrette, and left the rest curly and free.

can you believe these photos were taken hours after the style was done.

wondering what her mommy used?

Water and Conditioner.

I kid you not. have a good day, i hope this quick and easy style has helped someone, i can just picture this with a big fro too. :o)

this style can easily be used with tweens, teens, adults, preschoolers, and infants, with straight, curly, relaxed and natural hair


  1. We are some lovers of straight water and conditioner over here too. Her curls look very pretty. =)

  2. One of my faves! She has lovely curls :)

  3. Very pretty! We too love just using water and conditioner. :)


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