Saturday, September 29, 2012

Criss Cross, back to school Braids with beads

So  i decided to do a little something different, with my lil sister's hair for this style, she likes the whole faux out or water fall look, and here is a different take on it using crisscross braids, and her favorite glow in the dark beads

i decided to do a  half slanted style and half straight back for quickness

to achieve the  crisscross or X style, i parted two sections for braids, and after braiding for a length i would cross over, i whish i would've taken a step by step photo, maybe next time

products used

Cantu, nuNAAT, T tree, and my special mix of oils

Style time
                                                                        45 Minutes

and you can click her to see the sister style of this style right here

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Growing out Boys Hair

Most likely once a boy has gotten their hair cut, they never get it grown out again because of the awkward in between stage, where it just looks a mess....

My cousin Eris is a prime example, he has decided more than once to grow out his hair and each time he has meet the clippers..... But this year has been tough on his family because he mom has been in poor health, and hair cuts for the  year old had been on the back burner...


here's some pictures

I was and am apparently still the only who can do his hair

stay tuned for finished photos

So for now Eric and his Hair is Safe from the clippers of Doom, and i'll have a reason to try and document his hair journey on the blog of growing out naturally curly hair on boys, lets see how it goes

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

trimming boys naturally curly hair


I finally decided to trim Tye's hair. his ends where in dire need of some tlc.

I started off by deep condition his hair with nuNAATs Karité Special Deep Conditioning Hair Mask  
And i must say i love how it worked on all of his knots and tangles.
I then did a co-wash with cantu's conditioner

 If i wasn't so dead set on trimming his hair, i would've left his curls to be because they where gorgeous.


Now came the hard part, for me the blow drying, i couldn't find the comb attachment, so it was akward..
I worked in small sections blow drying as straight as i could get, and untill i had it  was finished

Before i trimmed his hair, can you see the different textures?
 the back is fine, the front is okay and the back middle is something else.
after the trim
the hair we cut

and the style that came after the trim,
mini's for school

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby's First Hair Bucket...Infant Hair Styles

Being in the hair business its always expected that any gift i give will be directly related to the items i sale, which is not a problem, its trying to come up with different unique, and creative ways to put it together, is where i have trouble...... and for the past 3 gifts i had to give i come up with teh same problem, of trying not to give the same exact thing to different peopl... so any who,  here's what i came up with

I mean every little girl with any type of curl or hair has some type of hair bucket, accessory holder or the like, and i thought that would be a perfect gift, for Lil Ms. B

Baby's First Hair Bucket

Don't let its small size fool you, it was chock full of goodies, for easy stress free styling of your little ones curls
Mini Ballies
Mini Bows
terry cloth bands
elastic headbands
crochet head bands
 flower and butterfly clips,
and a soft bristle Baby Brush and comb
But organization is a must from the start, and everything has their own little container
and other goodies included
a swimsuit,
sun glasses (we're in cali)
skull onsie
skull leg warmers
boutique hair bow
and my favorite mini angel or fairy wings
Barefoot Baby Sandals and matching Head Band
and the end product
I can't wait to see what styles easy and quick infant styles, Mommy S or even Daddy B, creates with the goodies

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Criscross, braids, ponytails and beads

Ms. K is in love with braids and beads in any style. she could have her hair out and curly but would need at least 1 braid with beads on it. Well actually any style with braids and beads in any combination and she happy. But  Ms. K is usually always upset with me because i tend to run out of time and she never is able to get beads, and this time, i did run out  of time almost but she got her beads

for this style i parted her hair in half at the crown.

and braided it into a simple X design going towards the back

for the back portion

i did simple square shaped ponytails, braided down and added beads.


Braids and Beads = 1 happy kid

products used

cantu, nuNAAT, T tree, and my special mix of oils

Style time
under 1 hour

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tye's First Day of Kindergarten

How time flies, My baby is now going to kindergarten. What is a mother supposed to do, its going to be a learning curve for both of use, as i'm also going to school and have to pack him a lunch daily. I got some great ideas from pinterest, so I hope it at least his hair is Fly with his mini braids, and will make it a little easier

                                                           So without further Adieu,

Tye Hale the kindergarten
(this is actually his second day of school, but i loved the picture)

This is him on the first day of school....

His Hair, I love, love love them..
Check out King over at Braid with me, we love kings hair, he's our inspiration

in class

and He's Knocked out on the way home

I must say he is rocking the braids, I might even try and style them one of these days and hopefully take a picture

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School Hair Styles for Boys

So Tye is starting Kindergarten This week, and I'm in school also ( at night) so i needed to do his hair in a style that would last awhile.... So mini braids its was. these have actually become one of my favorite styles because they last sooooo long.

The down side, they seem to take forever to put in. So what do you do when the a style is halfway done and you have to go to say a family picnic? Rock a Hat of Course.

and Tye has a wide variety to choose from. This hat from Target by Shaun White, matched perfectly with his with the colors of his Perry the Platypus shirt


and here's some more post with Tye and his Mini Braids

 here and here  enjoy and stay tuned for the first day of School post