Saturday, September 29, 2012

Criss Cross, back to school Braids with beads

So  i decided to do a little something different, with my lil sister's hair for this style, she likes the whole faux out or water fall look, and here is a different take on it using crisscross braids, and her favorite glow in the dark beads

i decided to do a  half slanted style and half straight back for quickness

to achieve the  crisscross or X style, i parted two sections for braids, and after braiding for a length i would cross over, i whish i would've taken a step by step photo, maybe next time

products used

Cantu, nuNAAT, T tree, and my special mix of oils

Style time
                                                                        45 Minutes

and you can click her to see the sister style of this style right here

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