Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School Hair Styles for Boys

So Tye is starting Kindergarten This week, and I'm in school also ( at night) so i needed to do his hair in a style that would last awhile.... So mini braids its was. these have actually become one of my favorite styles because they last sooooo long.

The down side, they seem to take forever to put in. So what do you do when the a style is halfway done and you have to go to say a family picnic? Rock a Hat of Course.

and Tye has a wide variety to choose from. This hat from Target by Shaun White, matched perfectly with his with the colors of his Perry the Platypus shirt


and here's some more post with Tye and his Mini Braids

 here and here  enjoy and stay tuned for the first day of School post

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