Monday, February 13, 2012

Indiviual mini braids or box braids on Boys and girls

So i did this style a long time ago on Tye Like October 2011, It was one of my favorites,
  1.  I didn't have to comb it
  2. it didn't take too long to put in
  3.  and I think his hair really retained some its growth
But  I did not like taking them out... it was soo tedious... I attempted to take them out dry which was my first mistake and with out a comb.... I promise it took me at least 2 weeks to take them out completely... but once i used a comb and a some spray we were good to go

i semi used a thecnique i learned from my blogger friend Rae over
tweeny hair, a awesome site for styles for older children

this is 6 weeks after i did them, they lasted a while

our poor backyard, wondering what happened? the California wind storms and you can see i was starting to take them out

my poor ashy baby, i should've used Johnson's and Jonson's baby lotion, lol

if you're worried about the length of your son's or daugthers hair, check out Shay over at mainly braids, and  the mini braids she did on her son, man's hair. or the braids on her daugther here

and these other great once Boys and Girls Haircare


  1. i love love love mini braids and Tye's looks great!

    p.s. you linked the same link twice for me. =)

    1. OOppsie... :o) and thanks i think i'm going to do them again

  2. That pic with the bow tie gets me every time :)


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