Monday, February 20, 2012

large 2 strand twist on teen/tween

so for the past couple of weeks i have been trying to do protective styles on everyone's hair, and my little cousin 2 was no exception.... This time i opted to do larger 2 strand twist, so it would be easier to take out

before starting her hair we washed it in the other twist she had, and then detangled...
as alwas, so it seems, my camera always dies before i am able to finish taking pictures, so here's a picture of the twist 3 weeks later

yea those are 3 weeks old, i think they held up pretty good


  1. 3 weeks?!?! Those look amazing!! Fabulous job!

  2. HAHAHA!! You have to keep a stash of batteries that are used strictly for the camera. That's what I do!! :) Great job on the twists!



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