Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hair Carnival..... Winter Wonder Land

If you enjoyed the monthly hair carnivals, my blogging buddies and i have put togethere, you are defiantly going to love what we have in stored for the month of December.... 6 whole days of giveaways from a variety of great bloggers...

Each blogger will hold there own giveway event from December 1st - December 6th, and will be linking up to each other, so you can easliy go to the different blogs, and enter  the awesome giveaways we have in stored

If you are a company who has natural hair products or hair accessories and would like to sponsor us, please Contact us.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

EAsy Veil and Chain Ponytails with twist for Girls featuring side winders

A couple of Weeks ago, Little Ms. S cut several ponytails from the front of  her hair so there's not much we can do....

So here comes in trusty can ponytails, how depending on how you do them they can also be considered veil ponytails, (tutorial coming soon)

since the top portion of her hair is shorter than the rest regular ponytails would look just funny and kinda like a mullet, which isn't a cute style for a little girl, this day and age.

I actually took this picture a week latter, so this style is really holding up

you may notice that i don't have straight rows like you would see in a garden its more like a brick way, type
of part. It makes the hair style looks Fuller, and since G has thinner hair it worked great

And since i couldn't wait to try them out,Instead of using barrettes or beads, I had to throw in some Sidewinders. Once got the hang of it they were pretty easy  to put on.... Wait review coming soon :o)

I messed up, but it still looks good

Friday, October 21, 2011

Triangle Ponytails and twsit

So for this style i decided to do something a little bit different on Ms. H...... I did triangle ponytails, with twist. What i like about this style is it versatility and it could be done on both Boys and Girl, with Naturally Curly, Wavy or straight Hair mixed biracial and everything in between .

 I started off with clean hair. Mommy dropped her off at school and told me 3 times before she left that her hair was clean... I guess that was a hint, lol.

The first pony I did was at the front of her hair and in a triangular shape. An easier way to do this is to part an X in the hair and go from there.

Since i find shrinkage of curly kinky hair soo fascinating try, I'll to highlight it whenever possible. If you are looking for ways to counteract shrinkage check out some of my blogger Friends post on banding

 and the back... Enjoy you can change this style by adding barrette, ballies, and Bows, or having it half up half down, the possibilities are endless

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photo of the Day.....

In an attempt to post more on the regular blog, I"m going to and post at lest a picture a day....

I am still learning manual mode of my camera,

In this picture, Tye is rocking a 4 day old braid out/ Wash and go and can see the original braidout/ semi wash a go here on the blog

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo of the Day... Braid Out/ Wash and Go

I"m in the process of planning for my sons  4th Safari Birthday Party, and I like to give photo's of Tye to the adults, its a fairly cheap and inexpensive thank you, and i know they keep the pictures, and i won't have to worry about them taking my personal copies.... :o)

In this picture I finally took out his braids that he had in 2 weeks, thinking i'll do a quick braidout for the pictures. But it looked a total mess, So i took our waterhose, and wet his hair down, and scrunched it in my fist, to define his curl.... I must say I love the way it came out and his krinkly curls we:re awesome... This style works great for both boys and girls, and we would love to see, your braid outs with a semi wash and go :o) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clip on feature Hair Extension.... Hair Accessorie Feature

Today's Feature is a Peacock Feather Clip on Hair Extension.

Its Quick easy and inexpensive

As always most items used and Featured are available for purchase you can find us on facebook  at
Once Upon a Curl's fan page

I would like to thank my neighbor Ms. L for to  Volunteering Model the feather. She was very happy when she found out she got to keep it... :o)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hair CArnival.......Hallow's eve past

SO for this Hair carnival our theme is Halloween hair styes  for naturally curly hair or customes which ever you choose, you may notice that for our bloggers, hair wasn't really our prioiety but the kiddies was just adorable and i choose to share some of tye's favite costume.... I hope  you enjoy

His very first halloween he was the cutest little giraffe on  an african safari

 and the coolest cat on the scene

standing for the first time at 9 or then months


Last year he was a rhino. I brought these cute little vest costumes, for his 4th bday party ( he wasn't even 3 yet) because they where on clearance, yes i plan that far ahead, lol

 In this style i put his curly locks into to low ponytails, at the time it was one of my favorite styles... ;O)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Box Braids, on teen/ tween

So i have been running out of inspriration when it came to doing my little cousins hair, and was doing the same thing over and over again, Frestyle french braids and twist in the back. She wasn't complaining and niether was my aunt so it went on for a while, But i rememered a post my friend Rae did over on her blog Tweeny Hair, and her not using square parts, when she braided. She has a plethora of hair styles and advice for learning to manage your natural curly / kinky haired chid's hair.

I couldn't quite remember what type of parts she did, but my inspriration still came from the post. Which i now know she did half moon parts.
I started off with this. Her was washed and deep conditioned, because she had twist in for over a month. Never again will i do that.. :o)
I detangled each section, and twisted it to keep it from becoming retangled

i'm sure you all have either heard of or experienced shrinkage. Children's and adults natural curly hair, just can't help but shrink. I do believe its one of the mysteries of life, lol.

I am unsure of her hair type but it is quite soft and spongie, and i think it is the perfect texture for Twist, and coils. we are still in search of the perfect product for her curly hair, if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Having rae's braids in mind, I was not concered about the parts i used and most say i love the way the fell into place. My secret for having my braids lay flat is to braid the oppsite way at the base. It may feel a little weird if you are not use to braiding in that direction but it does make a difference

I do not like braided braids all the way to the very end, because 9 times out of 10 i am the one who has to take them out also. and the small individual box braids look really unfinished at the ends.

to fix this problem i took sections of the  box braids, and added some cantu leave in conditioner and twisted and twrilled the hair aroun my fingers. In the picture you can see the curls forming at the end of the braids
once i was done with the twist I seperated them.

I'm not sure if you can tell the difference but in person it looks a lot more defined.

I was not able to get a complete picture because my batteries died, but i hope you enjoy as this sytle works for both boys and girls with natural curly hair and even straight hair

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily feature.... 6 inch crochet headband with detachable flower clip

 At Once Upon a Curl we have lots of great Hair Accessories at really reasonable prices, compared to some places... I decided to do post and hair styles that feature some of the products that we have available. Whenever i do a post with some hair accessories, i sometimes get the question of "Where did i get the Item?".. at first I thought it would be tacky to say,  and "oh, and you can buy it from me... " lol

But most Items used are available through our facebook page

Todays feature is a 6 inch crochet headband with a detachable  rhinestone flower clip. Its like a 2 hair the goodies for the price of one.

the crochet headband has many uses, including making tutu dresses, you can find out  how to make a tutu dress by searching youtube, google or yahoo,

and the detachable clip up close

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Talent is Everywhere...!!!

As i was out shopping for my son's 4th bday party, I spied a woman getting her hair, braided... I knew I wanted to get a picture... Where i live there's a place called the "Alley" in downtown La, and they have various wholesale and retail shops, for hundreds of square blocks........

Now Downtown La, in the Skid Row Area, is homeless, down and out people, and just crazy people everywhere, so i a little timid and scared to approach them, but i'm glad i'm i did. They were so sweet, and and very gratefull that i asked permission before taking any pictures... La is full of tourist, and people take pictures of people all the time without asking.....

I stayed for awhile talking to these ladies, and had a very pleasant conversation. We talked about life, hair and our favorite products... And i loved how clean and crisp her parts are. She was braiding so quickly and neat i was amazed...........