Friday, October 21, 2011

Triangle Ponytails and twsit

So for this style i decided to do something a little bit different on Ms. H...... I did triangle ponytails, with twist. What i like about this style is it versatility and it could be done on both Boys and Girl, with Naturally Curly, Wavy or straight Hair mixed biracial and everything in between .

 I started off with clean hair. Mommy dropped her off at school and told me 3 times before she left that her hair was clean... I guess that was a hint, lol.

The first pony I did was at the front of her hair and in a triangular shape. An easier way to do this is to part an X in the hair and go from there.

Since i find shrinkage of curly kinky hair soo fascinating try, I'll to highlight it whenever possible. If you are looking for ways to counteract shrinkage check out some of my blogger Friends post on banding

 and the back... Enjoy you can change this style by adding barrette, ballies, and Bows, or having it half up half down, the possibilities are endless


  1. So cute! That baby has some loooooooong hair!

  2. Thank you for the shout out love! This child's hair is loooong, daaaannnng!! <3 those pretty, shiny twists :)

  3. at Goldi no problem it will help my readers who don't know about banding,

    and@ nikki n goldie, yes its long, and you wouldn't even nkow it, Dang shrinkage


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