Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clip on feature Hair Extension.... Hair Accessorie Feature

Today's Feature is a Peacock Feather Clip on Hair Extension.

Its Quick easy and inexpensive

As always most items used and Featured are available for purchase you can find us on facebook  at
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I would like to thank my neighbor Ms. L for to  Volunteering Model the feather. She was very happy when she found out she got to keep it... :o)


  1. Very pretty!! These hair feathers are definitely growing on me! :D

  2. That's really cute!!! I like that!! :)


  3. I love peacock feathers, maybe I need one of these too.

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  5. I went to hairdresser for extension in UK. They did good, but my hair are weak and extensions were painful for couple of days, even I couldn't sleep well. ;-;
    Human Hair Extensions


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