Saturday, October 22, 2011

EAsy Veil and Chain Ponytails with twist for Girls featuring side winders

A couple of Weeks ago, Little Ms. S cut several ponytails from the front of  her hair so there's not much we can do....

So here comes in trusty can ponytails, how depending on how you do them they can also be considered veil ponytails, (tutorial coming soon)

since the top portion of her hair is shorter than the rest regular ponytails would look just funny and kinda like a mullet, which isn't a cute style for a little girl, this day and age.

I actually took this picture a week latter, so this style is really holding up

you may notice that i don't have straight rows like you would see in a garden its more like a brick way, type
of part. It makes the hair style looks Fuller, and since G has thinner hair it worked great

And since i couldn't wait to try them out,Instead of using barrettes or beads, I had to throw in some Sidewinders. Once got the hang of it they were pretty easy  to put on.... Wait review coming soon :o)

I messed up, but it still looks good


  1. i love those juicy twist in the back!

  2. So pretty! I love those fat twists and they've held up really well!

  3. So cute! I love this style. It does look a little trickier than my previous veil styles. I can't wait for the tutorial! :D


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