Tuesday, April 12, 2011

as you knw my son cut his hair back in November 2010, and i was devastated, but i do have updated pictures, I did a ocuple of styles on his hair, and i'm excited enjoy the pictures. I will start with the one that really has me Excited.
I was able to get his hair into THREE ponytails... I ws more than exstatic, i was finally seeing the growth.

The bands, we're not afaird of color
 what i used for the styles in this post. water( not pictured), terry cloth bands, african pride oil and just for me hair milk ( dont really like it but it works)
the before

the excitment

The Lent
Does anyone have any tips for lessing the lent?
The Chain ponytails, I parted the hair into 4 sections to do the chain ponytails

he's starting to pose on his own, very scary :o)

This style lasted 2 days, and then was scary looking. I'm sure it would've lasted longer if i did them smaller and used rubber bands

1 month After the Big Cut

Because i was in such a state of "depression" after he cut his hair I don't have many pictures, But this is one of my attempts at putting his hair in ponytails I believe these where chain ponytails, that didn't actually conect
The back, only a few actually connected to eash other, the sections where he cut it hiself were even worse

a few days after his 3rd Birthday party i was able to get about 10 ponytails, maybe a little more, so it was progress right?

a few weeks after his cut and i was feeling a little better, but still thought he looked funny from with such small ponytails
this was taken in january, his ponytails starting to get a litte bigger i believe i had 8 ponytails

Something Updated

So if you haven't seen or heard, Last November my son cut his hair, more than once I was devasted... to say the least. Then he cut it again,, and there was no way around having to cut it to make it even... When i cut it he cried, and called for my mom to "help me please" and my son is a late talker so it was a little funny. here's pictures

the week before he cut it birthday pictures.
It took a lot of teasing to get his fro just right

the front where he cut it

you can really see the damage, there was no way to hide it

the back, a big chunk

I think Mommy did a good job

again the picture of the front damage

the cut.

and all that was cut..... I think i was in a state of depression for a couple of weeks, And i cried. I just felt so bad, because he would not look in a mirror for a whole week, and when he did he would turn it down or push it way.... of course this happened back in november, but i'm still not use to him with short hair

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 layered Braids

2 layered Braids with individuals in the back and beads. This picture was taken about 2 weeks after i did it. I was surprised by how well it help up.

I used this parting comb, to help with my parts
a brush and wide tooth comb, detangler, and Lassinoh lanolin ( yes the stuff that you use for sore nipples when breast feeding) to hold his edges, its very thick and works in place of gel.

My supplies of choice
Dry hair, stay tuned for what it looked like before this, coming next
I started out by combing out and detangling his hair. I had 6 different sections and did them one by one. Spraying with detangler, I began at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Once a section was done, i twisted it and started on the next

After all the hair was detangled, I  parted his hair in half at the crown, ( going from ear to ear) I tried off the back potion with a Pony tail holder, and parted the top half into 3 sections. Braiding every which way. I did not have any particular design in my head.
 Once the front was done, I braided the back into individuals and added beads to the ends. Most woman want use beads on their son's hair because it is too girly, but I use them to accessorize... we have to some fun, with our little boys hair

here it is 2 weeks later.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Playing catch upp on photos

So ladies this is my feeble attempt at playing cath up on the blog. My son has went trhough many hairstyles in his 3 years, and if i would've know tahti would have ablog, I would have documented better... :o)

My son was born with a beautiful head of hair. It started to curl at about 2 months, and the at 3 months with started falling out on the sides
3 months and it started coming out on the edges

Playing in his hair


6 months and a total Mowhak

You can See all around the Edges

the back of his head, was always a nightmare, dry and very tangled

My little Man.

So i' mintroducing my little man. Mr. T, well his name is Tye Hale', so ya'll will see me type Tye all the time. enjoy the many pictures
Tye at Birthday, a head full of hair

4 weeks, very straight hair

6 weeks, starting to curl

10 weeks a curla nd the edges are starting to leave.