Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Updated

So if you haven't seen or heard, Last November my son cut his hair, more than once I was devasted... to say the least. Then he cut it again,, and there was no way around having to cut it to make it even... When i cut it he cried, and called for my mom to "help me please" and my son is a late talker so it was a little funny. here's pictures

the week before he cut it birthday pictures.
It took a lot of teasing to get his fro just right

the front where he cut it

you can really see the damage, there was no way to hide it

the back, a big chunk

I think Mommy did a good job

again the picture of the front damage

the cut.

and all that was cut..... I think i was in a state of depression for a couple of weeks, And i cried. I just felt so bad, because he would not look in a mirror for a whole week, and when he did he would turn it down or push it way.... of course this happened back in november, but i'm still not use to him with short hair

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