Tuesday, April 12, 2011

as you knw my son cut his hair back in November 2010, and i was devastated, but i do have updated pictures, I did a ocuple of styles on his hair, and i'm excited enjoy the pictures. I will start with the one that really has me Excited.
I was able to get his hair into THREE ponytails... I ws more than exstatic, i was finally seeing the growth.

The bands, we're not afaird of color
 what i used for the styles in this post. water( not pictured), terry cloth bands, african pride oil and just for me hair milk ( dont really like it but it works)
the before

the excitment

The Lent
Does anyone have any tips for lessing the lent?
The Chain ponytails, I parted the hair into 4 sections to do the chain ponytails

he's starting to pose on his own, very scary :o)

This style lasted 2 days, and then was scary looking. I'm sure it would've lasted longer if i did them smaller and used rubber bands

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