Saturday, June 16, 2012

Easy Random ponytails on natural

So i had the pleasure, of Styling this little cuties hair recently and we both loved the results.... the day started off, by going to buy some last minute hair products for her dad and auntie to use on her hair after the style was done. So we headed to Target and their hair product section, and brought some goodies, to help maintain her gorgeous locks....
we ended up using Hello Hydration Conditioner  to Shampoo her hair. It was my first time using it, and I LOVED it.. I first hear about them from Beads, Braids and Beyond, and it worked really well

 This Ms. Wy's hair fresh out of the shower, can you see how her hair is forming think clumps of curls...


He are her curls asfter detangling, and that is all of the hair that has come out.
Daddy has been taking good care of her locks...

To achieve the curls above, I used a little of Cantu Coconut Curl Creme ( which I think is very similar to Sea Mousiture's Coconut and Hibiscus styling Milk)
and my own little mixture too, see how her curls are popping....

Who doesn't love  Shrinkage......

But I did random ponytails, around her head, and 2 strand twisted them and added rubberbands at the ends to help the barrettes stay in place

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boys can Play with Girls too

So on my block there aren't many kids well there are but we live on a long block with side walks, So Tye doesn't have very many options for friends..
. There's the little boy up the street who's mommy barely lets him come out side,
 down 3 doors is little bad kid who none of the parents like
and 2 little girls who live diagonal across from us.... So of I  choose the 2 little Girls...

How much harm can be done? right..


ride bikes in the street, and jump off of tye's bike ramps

stealing plums from a neighbors yard ( he lets them because hates the ants they bring)

And on occasions, even play dress up, while digging in the mud

or dressed in princess/prince or super hero costumes and spitting on a wall...

Last Minute, Quick and easy Dessert Table

So my Grandmother Just Celebrated a Birthday, ( its a shame i don't know how old she is, I know its 70 something :o) and they where having something at her church, and at the last minute, to do a dessert table.

It no money or any plan of action what so ever... and this is what i came up with. It was so last minute But i think it still came out pretty well

Once the menue was

I brougt these sparkler things, and they did not  Work...

My Grandma, and lil cousin are going to kill me for this photo...