Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boys can Play with Girls too

So on my block there aren't many kids well there are but we live on a long block with side walks, So Tye doesn't have very many options for friends..
. There's the little boy up the street who's mommy barely lets him come out side,
 down 3 doors is little bad kid who none of the parents like
and 2 little girls who live diagonal across from us.... So of I  choose the 2 little Girls...

How much harm can be done? right..


ride bikes in the street, and jump off of tye's bike ramps

stealing plums from a neighbors yard ( he lets them because hates the ants they bring)

And on occasions, even play dress up, while digging in the mud

or dressed in princess/prince or super hero costumes and spitting on a wall...

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  1. aww that's cute he has some little playmates on his block :)


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