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What's in a Curl? getting to the Basics Hair Types

Many blogs might start off with the products used, but i'm a little different. Well a lot different. I want to start off my first official post by talking about Curl Types. I"m going to make a big assumption that most of my readers and followers have mixed/biracial children, if that's not you dont take offense you are still welcomed and wanted Lol.

We've all heard the term "Good Hair" probally more than once in your children's or your life time. I'm going to tell you now I dispise the term, can't stand it, so I would like all responder to try and use a differnt term, because all hair is good hair.

Many parent's who are not used to this hair type probally feel lost with what to, and i think a good way to get started is to determine what type of curl or hair pattern your child has, to some it may not matter or help, but it feels good to have some type of controll and knowledge of the unknow.

TypeType 4 Kinky Hair Words to desribe this type of hair varies, Kinky, Tightly Coiled, Afro'd, Nappy, "BAD" ( one word we never want to use negative words to describe our children's hair. It is thei crown and glory and if Mommy or Daddy, does not like it how can children grow to love and except what they can not change, with out drastic measures( pressing relaxing, etc unless you want to, different story)
Type 4 is kinky, or very tightly curled, with a clearly visible curl pattern
Circumference: Crochet needle or even smaller
The hair is very wiry, very tightly coiled and very, very fragile
Type 4 hair can range from fine/thin to wiry/coarse with lots and lots of strands densely packed together
Type 4 hair has fewer cuticle layers than any other hair type, which means that it has less natural protection from the damage you inflict by combing, brushing, curling, blow-drying and straightening it
Type 4 hair is known to shrink up to 75% of the actual hair length
There are two Type 4 subtypes:
4a: Tightly coiled hair that, when stretched, has an "S" pattern, much like curly hair. It tends to have more moisture than 4b; has a definite curl pattern
 4b: Has a "Z" pattern, less of a defined curl pattern. Instead of curling or coiling, the hair bends in sharp angles like the letter "Z"; has a cotton-like feel

TypeType 3c Curly Kinky Hair

Type 3c hair has tight curls in corkscrews
Circumference: Pencil or straw
The curls can be either kinky, or very tightly curled, with lots and lots of strands densely packed together
Getting this type of hair to blow dry straight is more challenging than for 3a or 3b, but it usually can be done
The very tight curls are usually fine in texture

Type Type 3 Curly Hairis more curly with big defined curls, may be pron to tangles. ( in my opinion)

There is a definite loopy "S" pattern
Curls are well-defined and springy
Type 3 hair has a lot of body; it is easily styled in its natural state or straightened with a blow-dryer
It isn't coarse, like many believe, but soft and very fine—there's just a lot of it
Combinations of Type 3a and 3b curls are common
There are two Type 3 subtypes:
3a: Curls are naturally big, loose and usually very shiny.
Circumference: sidewalk-chalk size
3b: Medium amount of curl, from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews.
Circumference: Sharpie size

Type Type 2 Wavy Hair wavy hair which our mothers with straight have may feel more comfortable with.
Just a few  facts about this type
The wave or curl forms throughout the hair in the shape of the letter "S"
Type 2 hair sticks close to the head; it won't bounce up, even when layered
There are three Type 2 subtypes:
2a: Fine, thin and very easy to handle; easily straightened or curled
2b: Medium-textured and a little resistant to styling; has a tendency to frizz
2c: Thick and coarse and more resistant to styling and will frizz easily
I got all of the information from Naturally Curly, and it also shows pictures of what these types look like. But i wanted to mention that some of type 4 and type 3 hair styles are actual styles and not what it looks like. If you would like to send pictures of you or your children's hair types please feel free to email us @ onceuponacurl@yahoo.com

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

About me,

I am a mother, a student and a teacher (preschool), and i love planning parties and party favors, so this just may not be about hair and hair accessories(: . I got into the hair accessory business officially just recently, but have been braiding hair since i was 10. In high school and college, whenever i did a child's i would supply all the materials needed, barrettes, rubber bands, beads etc and would add on a supply fee, so that is where my "business" began.

The thought never really occurred to me to sell to others, until doing research and found that there are not many places online that have affordable haircare products for the natural curly heads, and Once Upon a Curl, was born after many name changes thins one stuck and is registered with the state of California... :o)

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SO i have joined the blog world, hopefully i willbe able to keep up and getting it goin