Tuesday, March 15, 2011

About me,

I am a mother, a student and a teacher (preschool), and i love planning parties and party favors, so this just may not be about hair and hair accessories(: . I got into the hair accessory business officially just recently, but have been braiding hair since i was 10. In high school and college, whenever i did a child's i would supply all the materials needed, barrettes, rubber bands, beads etc and would add on a supply fee, so that is where my "business" began.

The thought never really occurred to me to sell to others, until doing research and found that there are not many places online that have affordable haircare products for the natural curly heads, and Once Upon a Curl, was born after many name changes thins one stuck and is registered with the state of California... :o)


  1. Love what you've done with your blog! Love the name too!

  2. LYGBC, thanks

    and DsMOmmy thank you also, the name was a hard one.

    It started out as
    "Your Kid's Hair"
    next, "and then there was a Curl"
    and "Once Upon A Curl" pop up, I like it too, makes me thik of my childhood and always dreaming about being a princess of something


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