Thursday, September 22, 2011

Braided Faux Hawk

I must say I love the look of mo hawks on little boys especially, why the have intricately cute designs in them... But I would never cut His hair again, so the next best thing? A Faux Hawk..... It could be as simple or creative as you would like..
His hair started off looking like this. Since i really wasn't planning on doing it I didn't wash it as i usually do but just attacked it with my usual arsenal of products and supplies

  • Baby Don't be Bald
  •  Cantu Leave in Shea Butter
  •  Soft Pretty and Free
  • Rat Tail Combs
  • Hollywood Brand Rubber Bands
  • Hard Brush

This is what his fro looked like after a dry detangling. If you're not use to combing out your children's hair I would suggest, detangling it with a product to help lesson up the knots, unless, that's the look your going for, and I wanted a fro.

I have to say I was a little bit excited about the size of his fro

First i started off with his hair sectioned into 4 ponytails, with a part down the middle where i wanted the braids to meet up.

Next I braided each section, going towards the middle part.

This is the end product once each section was braided.

It took less than an hour to complete.

Hope you in joys

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Hair Carnival- Part 2

So as some of you may know for the September  Hair is a Copy Cat Challenge, and I was all excited to be paired with Braid with me Aisha. If you don't know she was the guest Blogger on Beads Braids and Beyond, after winner the first protective hair style challenge. Be sure to check her out, she has amazing hair styles and I'm sure you'll be inspired again and again.

 With her having a little girl and me a little boy I wasn't sure how it was going to work, But it did, You can find the first Hair Challenge post here.

One of my styles was inspired by her "Back with a twist Style". I just loved the way the twist swirled around the head.

So i attempted to recreated the style using braids.
I started off the style with hair that was previously washed and braided, so it kinda had the banded effect.

I parted Ms. A's hair in half at the crown, and braided following the contour or her head, ended at the very front.

Initially i was going to box braid the back of her hair, but being pressed for time and the length of her hair, I decided to to french braid the back straight down, simple and easy and Quick.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quick and Easy, 2 ponytails

I work at a preschool and some of the parents send their children to school with teh cutest little hairstyles, by the end of the day, the cute styles aren't so cute anymore and i always try to recreate what the parents did... most time i'm not as succesful as i would like.... lol

Mommy sent this little  pretty to school with her loose hair wrapped around it self, and secured with two small hair clips. the photo above is my attempt.... and the good thing about this style, beside being easy and quick it comes with so many variations, the posibilities are endless

Waterfall Frenchbraids, with extentions

So for the past week i have been doing lots of heads of  hair because school was about to start. I must say i am happy the rush is over. Mainly because I could think of anything creative to do to any of them.... :o( so there are about a half dozen little girls rocking similar hair styles, Lol

Ms. L, was starting  middle school and i wanted to give her a style that was not too babyish, and hopefully not to crown up niether, bc she's only going to 6th grade.

 This was the canvas, i had to work with, before they came their mother washed and blow dried their hair ( she knows how i hate braiding on straight hair, it makes the hair slip, and the braids just don't look as good in my opinion.) It looks rough doesn't it? But

 it wasn't just needed to be brushed, lol. I parted the hair in half at the crown, (from ear to ear) and then down the middle

 I then proceeded to braid from the outside to the middle.

Once I finished the top left half, I started on the upper right side at an angle to meet up at the middle part i made early

and finished the rest, with braids going to meet the middle.
I took care on the parts of her hair that had weaker edges, and didn't pull as tight, but twisted the edges into  the braid

and the finished product. Braided into 1 single french braid make it more age appropriate

Beads and Basketballs

My little sister (god) is always wanting her hair done, and sadly i never have the time, or our busy scedules never snynce up....  But we made time and i was able to knock it out in an hour or two. The style is a an Off centered mohawk, or some people call it a waterfall.

Her Father Hates, the sound of clicking braids, so naturally she loves them nad i only did about 4 beads per braid, even though her hair is long , but in the back at the bottem.........

 We had 2 braids full of beads, and 1 specialty bead, which she loved, because it was different.

 and the beading action, we used black rubberbands to secure the end

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Hair Canrival

Have you ever hear the saying "Imitation is the highest form of flattery", well I have taken to very different styles from some two great bloggers,Hair and Heart  who has her own little prince Lb and focuses on boy hair styles andBraid with me, who was the featured guest blogger on Beads, Braids and Beyond  and put my own Once Upon a Curl Twist on it.

Each of these talented ladies had something different to offer and it was just hard to pick, here is my attempt at a mesh up

In this Picture the braids are 3 days old, but i love it.

The products used

Baby don't be Bald- grease
Cantu leave in conditioner
Gp gel
Soft and pretty- Detangler
Rat tail comb, brush, detangling brush
hollywood brand- rubberbands ( love them, compare to proclaim fomr sally's)
Coweri Shell

 this is the head of hair i was working with. I didn't have enough time to wash and condition it ( well I got lazy and didn't want to)

after i sprayed the hair with detangler, I sectioned it into 4 sections, starting at the crown

1 in the back and 3 in the front. Sectioning the hair into smaller sections, not only helps with detangling hair, it also helps with the style process

 for parents in a hurry, these ponytails can be your final style, for girl boy or infant, you can either twist, braid or leave it in the puffs and add little pretties to add variations

 after i had his hair sectioned, I braided each top ponytail into 3 or four french braids, keeping in mind his edges, i just added some Qp and twisted them into the frenchbraid.

 at the end of the scalp section i stated to twsit each braid in a semi rope fashion.

after the front was braided, I started tsiting the back, in random sections, but for some reason this row can mot really straight and neat

 I continued 2 strand twisting and adding shels here and there

All Finished.... and he loves his "Beads" as he calls them

allthingscuteandgirly: where we get the goodies

allthingscuteandgirly: where we get the goodies: Lots more to come! Sassy Little Luvz (Bowtique) Bee Mine Order Braes Thangs And More Once Upon A Curl

Look what i stumbled upon on one of the blogs, got to love the love... :O) thanks ALl Things Cute and Curly