Saturday, September 10, 2011

Waterfall Frenchbraids, with extentions

So for the past week i have been doing lots of heads of  hair because school was about to start. I must say i am happy the rush is over. Mainly because I could think of anything creative to do to any of them.... :o( so there are about a half dozen little girls rocking similar hair styles, Lol

Ms. L, was starting  middle school and i wanted to give her a style that was not too babyish, and hopefully not to crown up niether, bc she's only going to 6th grade.

 This was the canvas, i had to work with, before they came their mother washed and blow dried their hair ( she knows how i hate braiding on straight hair, it makes the hair slip, and the braids just don't look as good in my opinion.) It looks rough doesn't it? But

 it wasn't just needed to be brushed, lol. I parted the hair in half at the crown, (from ear to ear) and then down the middle

 I then proceeded to braid from the outside to the middle.

Once I finished the top left half, I started on the upper right side at an angle to meet up at the middle part i made early

and finished the rest, with braids going to meet the middle.
I took care on the parts of her hair that had weaker edges, and didn't pull as tight, but twisted the edges into  the braid

and the finished product. Braided into 1 single french braid make it more age appropriate


  1. are you a hair perfectionist like me, your parts are bone straight lol. <3 it

  2. thanks shay, at Diary of a hair princess, I actully could care less about parts to be truthful, in highschool i would go out of my way to acheive the not staright part looks which took alot ot work when i think about it.... But i was also trying out a new ratail, comb, not quit sure how i fell about it yet, a couple of more styles and i'll give my verdict


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