Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beads and Basketballs

My little sister (god) is always wanting her hair done, and sadly i never have the time, or our busy scedules never snynce up....  But we made time and i was able to knock it out in an hour or two. The style is a an Off centered mohawk, or some people call it a waterfall.

Her Father Hates, the sound of clicking braids, so naturally she loves them nad i only did about 4 beads per braid, even though her hair is long , but in the back at the bottem.........

 We had 2 braids full of beads, and 1 specialty bead, which she loved, because it was different.

 and the beading action, we used black rubberbands to secure the end


  1. i love the basketball bead! where did you find it at? i'm sure the hubs would like it if i put those or some football ones on Miss A

  2. @ shay, I g ot them from a lovely boutique, called Once Upon a Curl,

    But i'm sure you can get them from any crafting store, also

  3. ;) i heard of that boutique, they sell awesome things! i will remember that!

  4. I love it when I find beads that dont look like beads. It gives more variety <3 love this!

  5. Very nice, I love those beads, too cute!

  6. Very cute and creative! The basketball bead is a neat touch :) and your braids are impeccable!


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