Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Hair Canrival

Have you ever hear the saying "Imitation is the highest form of flattery", well I have taken to very different styles from some two great bloggers,Hair and Heart  who has her own little prince Lb and focuses on boy hair styles andBraid with me, who was the featured guest blogger on Beads, Braids and Beyond  and put my own Once Upon a Curl Twist on it.

Each of these talented ladies had something different to offer and it was just hard to pick, here is my attempt at a mesh up

In this Picture the braids are 3 days old, but i love it.

The products used

Baby don't be Bald- grease
Cantu leave in conditioner
Gp gel
Soft and pretty- Detangler
Rat tail comb, brush, detangling brush
hollywood brand- rubberbands ( love them, compare to proclaim fomr sally's)
Coweri Shell

 this is the head of hair i was working with. I didn't have enough time to wash and condition it ( well I got lazy and didn't want to)

after i sprayed the hair with detangler, I sectioned it into 4 sections, starting at the crown

1 in the back and 3 in the front. Sectioning the hair into smaller sections, not only helps with detangling hair, it also helps with the style process

 for parents in a hurry, these ponytails can be your final style, for girl boy or infant, you can either twist, braid or leave it in the puffs and add little pretties to add variations

 after i had his hair sectioned, I braided each top ponytail into 3 or four french braids, keeping in mind his edges, i just added some Qp and twisted them into the frenchbraid.

 at the end of the scalp section i stated to twsit each braid in a semi rope fashion.

after the front was braided, I started tsiting the back, in random sections, but for some reason this row can mot really straight and neat

 I continued 2 strand twisting and adding shels here and there

All Finished.... and he loves his "Beads" as he calls them


  1. I love this on him! I also love the shells--do you sell them? I've been looking for some for Baby O's hair.

  2. He has beautiful hair! I'm still working on my little guy to sit for styles. This is very cute!!

  3. Super cool :) I love the shells!

  4. He is a cutie... love his hair and his finished look with his "beads."


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