Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tye's First Day of Kindergarten

How time flies, My baby is now going to kindergarten. What is a mother supposed to do, its going to be a learning curve for both of use, as i'm also going to school and have to pack him a lunch daily. I got some great ideas from pinterest, so I hope it at least his hair is Fly with his mini braids, and will make it a little easier

                                                           So without further Adieu,

Tye Hale the kindergarten
(this is actually his second day of school, but i loved the picture)

This is him on the first day of school....

His Hair, I love, love love them..
Check out King over at Braid with me, we love kings hair, he's our inspiration

in class

and He's Knocked out on the way home

I must say he is rocking the braids, I might even try and style them one of these days and hopefully take a picture

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