Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby's First Hair Bucket...Infant Hair Styles

Being in the hair business its always expected that any gift i give will be directly related to the items i sale, which is not a problem, its trying to come up with different unique, and creative ways to put it together, is where i have trouble...... and for the past 3 gifts i had to give i come up with teh same problem, of trying not to give the same exact thing to different peopl... so any who,  here's what i came up with

I mean every little girl with any type of curl or hair has some type of hair bucket, accessory holder or the like, and i thought that would be a perfect gift, for Lil Ms. B

Baby's First Hair Bucket

Don't let its small size fool you, it was chock full of goodies, for easy stress free styling of your little ones curls
Mini Ballies
Mini Bows
terry cloth bands
elastic headbands
crochet head bands
 flower and butterfly clips,
and a soft bristle Baby Brush and comb
But organization is a must from the start, and everything has their own little container
and other goodies included
a swimsuit,
sun glasses (we're in cali)
skull onsie
skull leg warmers
boutique hair bow
and my favorite mini angel or fairy wings
Barefoot Baby Sandals and matching Head Band
and the end product
I can't wait to see what styles easy and quick infant styles, Mommy S or even Daddy B, creates with the goodies

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