Wednesday, September 19, 2012

trimming boys naturally curly hair


I finally decided to trim Tye's hair. his ends where in dire need of some tlc.

I started off by deep condition his hair with nuNAATs Karit√© Special Deep Conditioning Hair Mask  
And i must say i love how it worked on all of his knots and tangles.
I then did a co-wash with cantu's conditioner

 If i wasn't so dead set on trimming his hair, i would've left his curls to be because they where gorgeous.


Now came the hard part, for me the blow drying, i couldn't find the comb attachment, so it was akward..
I worked in small sections blow drying as straight as i could get, and untill i had it  was finished

Before i trimmed his hair, can you see the different textures?
 the back is fine, the front is okay and the back middle is something else.
after the trim
the hair we cut

and the style that came after the trim,
mini's for school

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  1. I absolutely love it. This gives me an inside look before I try it on my son... in some years. I'm not ready yet


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