Saturday, September 15, 2012

Criscross, braids, ponytails and beads

Ms. K is in love with braids and beads in any style. she could have her hair out and curly but would need at least 1 braid with beads on it. Well actually any style with braids and beads in any combination and she happy. But  Ms. K is usually always upset with me because i tend to run out of time and she never is able to get beads, and this time, i did run out  of time almost but she got her beads

for this style i parted her hair in half at the crown.

and braided it into a simple X design going towards the back

for the back portion

i did simple square shaped ponytails, braided down and added beads.


Braids and Beads = 1 happy kid

products used

cantu, nuNAAT, T tree, and my special mix of oils

Style time
under 1 hour

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