Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Braided and Twist Style for Tweens and Teens

So i went to visit some family and when ever i'm around, everyone tries to gfet in a quickie, while i'm there (getting their hair done) and my Chicken was no exception... Its can be really hard to Find a style for a tween or teen that's not too babyish or to mature of a style, and then to have it be quick and low maintenance is near impossible

We started off with hair that was washed and put into some chunk braids, she did this all by herself :o) (she's going to kill me for this picture, they have to learn someday to care for their naturally curly hair at some point right?

I started by parting the hair in half from ear to ear, and then splitting the back in half

and the top into random partings and sectioning it off with metal free elastic ponytail holders
and started to braid each chunk into smaller braids

although she loves the fro look her mom wanted something that would lost longer since i wasn't around

So She got Twist in the back

All done

for this style i used just for me detangler
Africans best hair grease
organic root stimulater loc and twist gel
various rubberbands for sectioning
and brush and comb

total styling time and hour and a half, including the twisting

and here's a flashback of my chicken

still rocking the fro and braids

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