Tuesday, May 8, 2012

French Braids and Cornrows for Little boys

So Tye and I have decided to join Beads Braids and Beyond's Protective Styling Challenge...Mainly because I didn't feel like doing hair everyday, and this will force myself to be more creative :o)

This was really just a simple quick style for us. I parted his hair into two (2) sections from ear to ear french braided the front and did some large individuals in the back

At first I thought this girl was going to be a little girlie, but it works and he still looks like a little boy.
even when is braids curl up.... For this style i just used my oil and water mix, with a lot of grease

and look at the shrinkage, got to love the curls

and as always this style can be used for just about anyone, add
barrettes or a bow and its for girls and infants.

Add an intricate braid design and it could go well for you boys and girls, tween and teens
the possibilities are endless

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