Friday, July 29, 2011

To Curl or not to Curl...Is Curly Cuter? going through the archieves

WHile on the world wide, hair blog nation, i was noticed some heated desicusions over at Beads Braids and Beyond, over a Guest Post, and it reminded me of a  couple of post i put on the facebook fan page.

I would first like to post a video from tyra banks show What is good hair? Its a shame i think the way that some of these parents have instilled in their children that certain hair types mean they are lesser than others, and i'm not one to talk about children, but the child with the messed up attitude was the one who's hair could've been managed a little better (imo)

  Next i will talk about the Selena Gomez and her video, Love the song , love the worlds and it sends the right message
 I copied and pasted fromt he fan page

Disney, got 1 right. I think this is the type of message we need 2 instill n our children especial our young girls. n i think some (not all bc U wouldn't be in groups like this if u didn't care) biracial children really have a harder time feeling like they belong to anyone group or identity. How do you go about helping your children excepting who they R n not worry about if they don't look like one thing or another?

so what are you thoughts?


  1. Really interesting. Especially the Tyra clip. I had no idea that the whole "good hair" issue went back to a survival issue during slavery. Completely makes sense though. P.S. My daughter loves her some Selena Gomez, she is always singing this song to herself, lol!

  2. I like the selena video too, but i would of liked it more, if she did the entire video without makeup or without the glamorous sunset background, which to me, makes it still looks like she has on makeup. I would like the real unedited raw video of her singing it with her flaws and all.


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