Monday, July 29, 2013

Update on Errks Hair

So it has been way to long since i've done a post, and some of my awesome readers who've stumbled upon the blog have took the time to email about current post, so i will take the time to write a post.

one of the emails were inquiring about my little cousin's Errk's hair, you can see previous post here

we were in the process of taking down his mini braids that we've had in since the beginging of June. his braids were in for a total of 8 weeks. If i kept tye's braids barely lasted 4 weeks and was already a tangled mess, gabe's on the other hand, did beautifuly

a comparison shot 

 the take down process, as i took the braids down i twisted each section, so it wouldn't get tangled or in the way, and it made washing his hair so much easier

washing eerk's hair in the twist, no tangles no knots
the fro, the least we can say is, Errked loved how big his hair is

He's able to have a full fledged ponytail, after a little under a year, and its already 5/6 inches

Stay tuned as i try to play catch up on Eerk and his hair journey

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