Friday, January 6, 2012

Boys and Beads? Yes Please... bead storage and organization

 So boys and beads, well boys and hair period is such a touchy topic, anywho, I wanted to show off Tye's bead organizer, I finally decide to organize it and put some beads into it... :o)

So far so good, and i'm really loving it.
It has 10 bins on each side
1 large bin in the middle that's big enough the hold a full bottle of detangler, combs and brushes, easy beaders etc.

Me being the preschool teacher i am, i brought all of my beads and rubber bands in one bag all mixed up, and had my kiddies separate, and group  the using chopsticks... we worked on math skill, fine motor and social skills all in one, how awesome right? and i got my beads organized too, well most of them, we'll going to do another round soon

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