Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tye's All Star Sports.... First Birthday party

So as ya'll know from my previous few post, I love parties.... its a head to head match between parties pictures and hair, (I may like parties a little better)

so no further adieu

Photos from Tye's first Birthday

so this party was way before i had a digital camera, so over the course of a couple of months I stocked up on disposable camera and had them on every table with a little note to take a picture and pass it, so i have lots of great pictures that others took.

I think i could safely say that planning this party has got me hooked on the process of party planning.

I decided on the sports theme by finding all of the party stuff on clearance at Party City, so i think i spent about 13 dollars on table cloths decorations etc and had enough to spare

I think my favorite decoration at parties has to be pictures of the celebrant. If you look at the picture you can see sports themed frames with pictures of Tye. I had a couple of games for the kids and adults and the adult winners won pictures of Tye

We had lots of balloons everywhere.

One of Tye's godmothers got helium tanks from Websters in altadena, and we used them to fill up all of the balloons. and if you look closely you can see one of the cameras... :o)

Tye and my Little Cousin D, well she's a young lady now, got to love those dimples.

Tye and His Nana

Cupcake Cake

The regular cake

Tye and his Ate's
the birthday Boy eating Ice.

Ms Yo, and Ms. Ari

we had his party at Victory park, and in to of the rooms which was perfect because i had the food and adults in once room, and all of the kids in the other room.

the activities included
  • making sports themed necklaces
  • foam door hangers, with sports themed piece
  • a sports theme toss game
happy BIrthday Tye...!!!!! by Terica adkins

the party favors for the little ones
  • Sippy cups
  • a mini sucker
  • a squishy sports balls
  • teething biscuit
  • tattoo and
  • a marshmallow sports candies
the big kids had something similar in a sports cup including play doh and some other goodies

And some birthday pictures.. :O)

I loved these photo's from this shoot,

aaahh.... in happy BIrthday Tye...!!!!! by Terica adkins

and now me and Tye, looking back over these pictures, brings back memories do you see his curls? compared to the picture above, and that only 6 weeks difference

anywho enjoy and I'll be posting the rest of them, there's a lot of parties in our lives.....

and a special thanks to nana, ava  jack & maria, gracie and stank :o) for helping the party newbie get everything togethere


  1. All of the pictures are so cute! That birthday?! Lets just say I think I may be borrowing some of those ideas for my next birthday party. Especially the idea about the cameras at the tables. What a great way to capture memories from everyone else' point of view at the party!

  2. thanks elizabeth.

    all of the pictures everyone took where awesome, and i have them in an album, maybe one day i'll scan them or something, and i would love to see the parties you plan.

    I have a couple of more to upload and they're girl parties, sooo it maybe more ideas


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