Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Safari Jungle 4th Birthday Party...Part 2..... Dessert Table

so as promised a little more details on the desert table, it was my first and i think it come out pretty good

we had
  • Giant Pixi Stix
  • Giant marshmallow pops
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • a smash cake ( I decorated it )
  • Cupcakes, Zebra, red velvet, and chocolate
  • Bananas
  • Jello
  • Animal Print Butter mints
  • and Custom made Chocolates from Nola Boutique
I decorated the cake myself.. :o)

I had the butter mints and the bananas spread all around the table like confetti and

I had pictures of Tye from his birth until he turned 4 in different sized frames, everyone loved it.

and different animals i got from Toys r Us, so expensive (to me) but sooo life like

see the packages those are actually presents i used to give height to the table

and the Cupcakes Picks, I made myself too anyone interested?

and onto more pictures,

Since i didn't get many pictures i had try to "recreate some "

the cupcakes, when they say the color won't fade, a lie....!

the candies

More details on the custom candies coming soon... oh and stayed tune for more info on the party favors


  1. What a cute theme!! Great party and amazing decorations! I love how you put the photos up and those candies are perfect.

  2. thanks brooke, i was sooo excited when they came( day before the party, so i didnt think they were going to make it) and all giddy too

    ohhh maybe i could work in a discount or something :o) with the owner for my readers

  3. Great pictures!! Looks like it was a great party!! Wish I could have made it!


  4. at char, thanks, I wish i could've gotten more and better pictures, but live and learn, nect year i'll take them while i'm setting up so maybe i'll hav more/better pictures

  5. I am in SWOON Over this party!! Everything looks so well thought out and great!!!

  6. thanks tav, they where a big hit.... and Daniele was such a pleasure to work it, I has such a difficult order with od numbers now that i think about it, lol

  7. @chloe you swoon, no i swoon tutus and ties? I wish you weren't sick, you know i need to borrow some party ideas :o)


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