Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tye's 4th Birthday Party

So Tye's 4th birthday party has come and gone, and i can say i'm excited. This year, I didn't do as much early planning as I normally do, so boo on me, next year, i'll totally be ready for it

So besides, not planning early, I was barely able to get any pictures taken at all... Sucks I know so enjoy

                          So this was my first attempt at a dessert table, I think it came pretty cool, you can find more details, here

The Gifts, prizes and party favors more info here (eventually)

we had these lovely little ducks all over the place..... I mean who doesn't love a little rubber ducky? One of my little cousins still has a ducky from tye's first birthday, well he has all of them, and he is now 15, lol

I mean look at them, aren't they cute?

if you look on tyhe table you can see more of the animals
Like i said I didn't get too many pictures,

But for food we had,
  • spaghetti,
  • agreen salad,
  • Fruit platter
  • Veggie Platter
  • Chip and fresh made Guacamole
  • Chicken wigs
  • and Deviled eggs, that my aunt made (5 dozen for a total 120, that's love :o)
to drink we had
  • Water bottles
  • Hot Chocolate with all the fixings
  • and Strawberry Lemonade made by me
There where many activities planned that never got played the kids had more fun

you can see bikes and trikes littered all around

playing in the jumper and riding bikes, some were extra trilled to be able to ride in the street

other activities included a alligator ring toss game, a tiger dart game, making pet rocks, and  safari scratches that some games where also brought at oriental

and of course the Pinata

he was soo cute i was kinda sad to see him go

the birthday boy

our pinata stick from last year, that i made from a tree branch, tutorial anyone? and again the zebra bags in action i really lucked out on finding those loved them

Zebra pint Bags, used for the candy stay tuned for more info
and the poor lion those kids gutted him like it was nothing
We filled the pinata with 10 lbs of candy and confetti it was all over the place and in hair too, i know parents were hating that part, lol

This year I attempted to incorporate a lot of little details, that  I doubt anybody noticed. I had safari / jungle animals all over the house. on the towel racks, on top of the toilet, I even had a Lion in the medicine cabinet with a little sign that sair ROAR...! in case we had some snoopy little kids
by far one of my favorite small details, I first seen this idea on the Purple pug, when i was getting ideas for Tye's Super Hero 3rd (thrid) Birthday Party and the candy buffett

I order a lot of the inflatable palm trees from Oriental trading
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday
it was cold and only the girls stuck it out to the bitter end
 Oh did i mention i decorated the cake, lol
and you can see thd torches in the background here too
Not wanting to be sung happy birthday, lol

playing with some of his gifts,

that poor tree and alligator, stood no chance with the kids

yea I had fun playing withe wrapping paper straps

all cleaned, I have to thank my uncle and little cousins for helping with this task, couldn't done it without you
and we have tiki torches lite, which added a great touch


  1. Looks like a LOT of fun. You obviously put a lot of work into it, an it looks like it all paid off. That pinata was just too cute, I dont think I could've let anyone hit him. :)

  2. thanks elizabeth..... it turned out pretty good, we where running late, and the guest came late too so it worked out... :o)

    and the best party about the pinata is, it was only 15 dollars


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