Saturday, November 19, 2011

3rd Super Hero Birthday Party

So secretly I love to plan parties. I got the bug when not "planning" my baby shower, LoL. For his 3rd birthday I  knew wanted a candy buffett, and started to collect accordingly.

It rained the day of and before his party, so all of the plans i had, had to be trown out the window, and we had the party inside not fun.

The birthday boy, can you see how short his hair was?

For food we had we had

  • Chicken Enchilades
  • Spanish Rice
  • Refried Beans
  • 7 Layer Dip
  •  Fruit and Veggie Platter
  • Chips and Dip
  • and hot dog for the kids
For drinks we had
  • Water
  • Lemon Ice Tea
  • a tropical drink mix
  •  Hot Chocolate with pepermint, marshmallows and whip cream

last minute centerpieces. So easy to make and soooo cute. I got  the idea from an episode of 20 kids and counting with The Duggar Family. Its just a roll
of tissue and wrapped in tissue paper. and I used super hero cutouts, to decorate like confetti.


the boys played basketball, and you can see Tye in the mixed

We pulled Tye's jmper into  the garage, oh and that's my little cousin Dae
 the kids where about to decorate Mask that I got from Oriental Trading Company, and Capes that   I made

Sad to say, that the big kids enjoyed them even more than the younger ones, lol.

 some of the adults, where in the backyard around the barbeque pit trying to stay warm.

The tables
the party favor and gift table

 to prepare for the Candy Buffet, I started going to trift shops to find apothecary jars, and i scored, at most, the  I spent no more 6 stores, and the rest I either got at Wal- Mart or Ross Dress for Less.

the candy I got at at Sams Club, Winco and Costco I got hard candies, and some other stuff, after halloween on clearance, and stuff it in the deep freezer :o)
even the adults loved it.

Singing Happy Birthday

And now some photo's of the birthday boy

Tye and Rye, she was the one behind the camera

Tye and His Grandparents

Tye and his Dad

The Birthday Boy enjoying a Giant Lollipop


  1. I love the pic with his grandparents, so sweet...

  2. Oh man! I seriously know who to come to, for some party ideas. That looked amazing and I know you've been working on it so hard. Great job!

  3. Beautiful!! The party looks like it was fantastic. Where is Tye's hair though!?!??!



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