Friday, November 11, 2011

Once Upon a Curl... a Poem

So awhile back I had one of my talented  college classmate Chellsea Lynn write a poem, and I have to say  loved it....! it was/ is awesome,

Braids, Locs, Pin Curls
Plaits, Buns, Ponytails
Connected by Ribbons and Barrettes

High-top Fades, Ducktails, and Braids
Enhanced with beads and circular Waves
Curly Hues of Sandy Brown, Blonde, Red and Black Tresses
Mapped out strategically on top of their Crowns

Multicultural smiles on masses of high and low cheekbones
Centered by toothless grins
Smirks with dimpled cheeks and chins

Once Upon A CurlThere were little Boys and Girls
Loving themselves
For whom they were born to be

Beautiful Princes and Princesses
One day to evolve into Kings and Queens

Once Upon A CurlStraight, Kinky, Curly, Nappy
When curl patterns didn’t matter

Once Upon A CurlWhen life was much simpler

and did i mention, she not only writes, but has an awesomegenresall  voice, in all genres

here's a video clip with her and 2 other of my friends messing around in the music building... the author of the poem is the secon solo enjoy, and so them some love on facebook SU Jazzy Jags and her Jazzy Jags,  and youtube page let them know Once Upon a Curl sent you


  1. Oh wow - that was beautiful! Very talented young woman.

  2. She is very talented!!! I thoroughly enjoyed her and the rest of the group.


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