Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Corn rows and beads on Boys

So we took a break from the afro and ponytails, and we did Braids, with his favorite Beads.

we started off with clean and shampooed hair, ( stay tune for a tutorial)
so excited about his growth, its thicker than what it was last year

I didn't have any particular design in my head, while braided so we just did something simple.

Even though the braids look good without the beads,, we wanted to go a step further.. Well truthfully, I wanted to just try out some of the new beads we have.

this mix of browns, tans and whites..... this package is the perfect hair beads for little boys, who want to wear something besides, clear of black. And the shells, I think just the icing on the cake, and These beads are the perfect accessory for Girls, teens, and toddlers with naturally curly, straight, wavy and kinky  hair and everything in between


  1. Great job! I love the beads and shell combo

  2. his braids look so healthy and nice!

    i like the mix of star beads with the shell beads


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