Friday, November 4, 2011

Corn rows and beads on Boys Update

Well its been 1 week and his lasted pretty good considering i didn't use any products to help keep it. As you can see his edges never stay in the braids.
But he loved the beads and shells on the end of his cornrowed braids... he has been shaking his head so much, that i almost wanted to take them out..

oh and i forgot to mention, we are up to 10 beads. Before he cut his hair , we where close to 30


  1. that style looks great on him, love it!

  2. One week with no product for hold??? His hair looks great! I got brave enough to put 6 beads on Baby O's braids and she was whipping her hair and caught herself in the eye lol...needless to say, she asked me to take the beads out

  3. ohhh nikki, i' sitting her laughing, poor baby o, and there's no hold in there, I was lazy that day

    and at untrained hair mom, thanks, i'm going to do it again once we take the mini's out


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