Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween.... Hair Carnival

It is that time again for another hair carnival. How lucky are you readers, 3 different carnivals in the same month, If you missed the breast cancer awareness carnival or the Halloweens past, you can check them out by clicking the links,

This year Tye went as Caption Ameriica(?) is that his name? you may ask why i have the costume but don't know who it is? I got this costume last year for my son's 3rd Superhero Birthday Party  , (link comingg soon)

and best part it was 90 percent off I think  paid no more than 2 dollars,

He's rocking a mini fro, the plan was to have it all nice and picked   out so i can post some pictures over at Baby Big Hair, but didn't work,

i have to say he was the cutest super hero of the night.
We only made it to 10 houses because we got home late, but we made out with two plastic bags full of candy... told you he was cute, everyone kept gushing over him and giving him more. It could also have to do with the fact that there was another little girl dressed as wonder woman with the biggest curliest fro ever..... :o)
He's raising his fist in the air, Lol all he needs is a pic...... 


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  1. He is the cutest superhero ever! I love Tye in his little Capt America costume, so adorable :-)


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