Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review.... Sidewinders

I have had the pleasure, of doing a product review on Sidewinders Hair Holders.This being my first official review i wanted it to be perfect. But perfection doesn't exist in the hair world. you just give it your best and hope for the best, or at least  learn what you would do diffierent if you have the oppurnity.

I was sooo excited when i got the package in the mail....

Since I have a boy, I really didn't think that I should add these babies to my arsenal, But i'm glad I did, they make perfect gifts and add pizazz, to most of the plain quick and easy hairstyles I have done.( But i am thinking about getting some black and clear ones to try on Tye, stay tuned for that post.

I was really excited when i received my package in the mail. Shipping was extraordinarily QUICK... I mean in a matter of Days, its like processing time didn't exist

So far my favorite quick and easy style with the sidewinders, was to use as a sort of bridge between ponytails.

Even though sidewinders are easy to put on, I had trouble on my first attempt, but the second go around was perfect, and quick. It sure beats trying to put on 20 plus beads on a braid, even with an easy beader.

What I liked most about the sidewinders beside them being easy to put on the mix and matching you can do, is that, it kept, the children busy, while, i parted, detangled, and style the hair. I used the sidewinder hair holders on several children and each child had a blast twisting, retwisting and mix and matching the sidewinders. Which was a blessing, because it can be trying and hard at times to style a young children s hair, and we try many tricks and treats to try and keep them busy and calm. by their selves the side winders did the trick, with out the movie, the candy and the toys.... That in it self is a reason to buy them.

I had so much fun playing with these and trying to find fun and creative styles

you can buy them here at their website

who knew something so cute, could come from the inspriration on an Rv.

To learn more about how this great company came about check out their about us page on their website

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 Stay tuned for more styles and updated photos using Sidewinders

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  1. I won some of these and cannot think of any styles to do with them. Thanks so much for the links.


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