Thursday, March 15, 2012

know it, we momma's aren't just about hair 24/7, some of us are really creative to, and to saw it, we are hosting this crafting carnival, and some of them are having a giveaway too. how awesome is that.... Well i had something big and crafty planned, but couldn't find my hot glue... what was a girsl to do? i was in a pinch, but i think i got it figured out.. hope you enjoy

My friend Lauren, over at Queen of Blending, (be sure to check out her facebook and you tube page pages, and let her know we sent you,)has been wanting a giant bow of some sort, so i though i give it a  try. I had some left over tulle from a tutu I made for my nieces bday party, and here you go... 1 giant tulle bow.... Since i couldn't find my hot glue, i tied it onto a ponytail holder :o)

be sure to check out our other great bloggers and their diy crafting preojects


  1. Clever! and fast! I like it! :)

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  3. Great post! Very pretty bow! :o)

    Please come by and follow! :o)

  4. cute! Just so you know, the link to your blog isn't working, but I already visit your blog frequently so I knew where to find you!

    1. thanks for letting me know summer, and welcome to the blog, I'll try to update a little more often, anything in particalr you are interested in?


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