Sunday, March 11, 2012

Disney Land.. QUick and Easy Hair STyle for Boys or Girls

So Yesterday, we went to disneyland.
 For the past 3 weeks, TYe has had his hair in braids and since i cut my thumb, i was not looking forward to taking them down...

and Since we were going to Disneyland Saturday and his hair was looking jacked I was forced to take them down. I started late Friday night and never finished.. bad mommy.
as you can see tye was looking rough by the head, more than usual
But look at that, he's trying to play catch up with Choco from Charlotte's Avenue

This is what his hair looked like when we arrived at Disney Land

 This is what it looked like after a trip to the bathroom sink....

the back with braids still in...

 I think of  theseas his "boy" head bands, he can't wear the really cute one for girls, so we accesorize with differnt colored glasses....

and how it looked later in the evening, after a day of Fun

 SO I considred this a quick and easy style, because i only used water and his sunglasses.... :o) enjoy,
Stye tuned for a girly disneyland version, and other disney goodies and post... :o)


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    1. yea, "headbands" we use glasses and also those sports sweatbands... :o)


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