Saturday, December 17, 2011

Unique Ponytail Style... Got Straight Parts?

I know some parents, new to the curly kinky, afro, tightly coiled, biracial hair world, may cringe at the thought of having to comple a hair style with straight parts, ( when the longest the thier straight part is maybe an inch or two)

Zig Zag Parts, the perfect wat to hide, your not so perfect  parts.

I took regular everyday ponytainls, and instead of doig straight parts, I did Zig Zag, ones for a  cool and instant unique look.

Materials Used
  •  Hard Brush                
  • Rat Tooth Comb           
  •  Spray bottle with water
  •  Flower Barrettes         
You Could ALso mix this style up by using ballies, other shaped barrettes, Bows, bead, ribbons the  possibliities are endless
I did 3 different styles on the ponytails,
  • 3 strand twist,
  •  uneven  braids ( got the idea from Goldilocks n Me)
  • and rope twist

I love how the mixed media of the ponytails looked

and at the end of the week, i twisted it back into a french braid, for a new look, for next week.
  • time 30 minutes( inculding detangling)
  • Rubber bands 1.50
  • Barrettes 1.50
Total Accessory Cost 3.00

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